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Cranking memory till ...

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:25 pm
by DragonFury
It BLEEDS... or screams in agony......


I am using 2 sets of different memory on the new set up (lack of funding forced me to reuse some of my 12 gigs of memory I was using on the 1366 platform to this set up. I had to mix 1333MHz memory with 1866MHz memory (2 gigs per stick). In the CPU-z SS the bottom left hand CPU-Z image is the 1333MHz memory. Both sets are from Crucial and they are "density matched", just not frequency matched. Well they are now. So pushing a set of 1333MHz memory to 1934 MHz with 10-9-9-24 (tried 2000 MHz and it just wont go that high) but 600MHz overclock on memory I will say is pretty good.