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New mother board no sound HELP!

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:41 pm
by Jvega0385
ok so i just returned my motherboard to msi cuz my computer kept restarting randomly...sometimes 3 mins some times 4 hours...but anyways they sent me a new one im guessing its refurbished and i installed it with some help from a freind i have who owns a computer shop and when i got home my sound wasnt working...when i go into the conrol panel to set my speakers to default i can see the little green line going up and down like if it should be working but no sound comes out...i have no idea what it could possibly be...i have it connected to right whole in the back...what baffles me is when i connect my mic which has headphones and set it to default i can get sound out of the is a usb connection though so im guess thats why it would be working...anyone have any idea why this is happening with my guessing its not the speakers which are broken cuz i get power from them and i hear static when i plug them into the back and they were working before my previous mother board busted. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME... my ears hurt from keeping headphoens on when using my computer...

Re: New mother board no sound HELP!

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 9:35 am
by bubba
Well, in the past I have encountered cases where the internal Audio header for the front panel is configured wrong. Kills all audio.

Most cases have both AC97 and HD Audio pulgs, if your board is setup for HD and the AC97 plug (or other way round) is hooked up the audio wont work.