a little troubleshooting help please?

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a little troubleshooting help please?

Post by buffy_helmet » Fri Dec 24, 2004 9:02 am

trying to slap a pc together outta my leftovers for a friend who badly needs but cant afford...

M/B: DVAX4/DVAX2+ VIA 693 ATX (P3, bios: AWARD P&P)
AGP: 3DForce B-32Plus
Monitor: Envision

when i turn it on i get nothing on the monitor ("no signal or cable disconn'd"), but you can hear it (all) power up & a beep code (1 l & 3 s). ive found this beepcode interpretted 2 ways: 1) bad video adapter or 2) fried motherboard. whats the easiest way to the definitve answer?

verified m/b jumpers, etc against manual - video adapter is old but worked before & looks ok.

also, no luck booting up with win2k cd


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Post by infinitevalence » Fri Dec 24, 2004 10:18 pm

pop the vid card into another system and make sure that it posts. Also when your getting error codes, i always start at the beginning, CPU and nothing else, it should tell you there is no memory, then add memory, then video until you find the bad componant. If at no point it posts then you need to test to see if its the mobo by using a known good cpu, ram and vid.
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