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D945GTP SATA Boot / RAID Config

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 3:28 pm
by mazerati
Hi fellow D945GTP'ers

My D945GTP has worked perfectly with an IDE boot drive and two SATA drives configured as a RAID array.

However now I want to replace the boot drive with a SATA one and of course that will have to sit on the SATA channel, the same one the RAID array needs.

After installing the SATA boot drive everything is fine then I add the RAID array and boom, BSOD with error 7B. This is exactly what the manual says will happen: ... 015988.htm

Has anyone managed to configure a SATA boot drive in combination with a SATA RAID array? Is there a BIOS setting that supports this?

Unfortunately I don't have the option of installing the OS to the RAID array and therefore making that bootable.

Thanks for your thoughts,