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Re: Mobo advice

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:26 pm
by guiri
My fault, that was the original build. The computer was rebuilt with wini7 in 64 bit.

The reason for all the fans was mainly for looks. The rebuild is in an Antec DF-85 which keeps it plenty cool. The only thing I don't like about this case is that the plastic thingies in the front have to be opened
to get to the dvd player and the stinkin' default in win7 is that if you have to CLICK on the dvd player in windows explorer, the tray pops out and of course, if you have something
in front of it, then it keeps trying to pop up all the time. HIGHLY irritating. They tell me I can take away the win explorer burn option but dammit, I like it. Microsoft sucks!

Yep, everything is important but in this case I think my problem for the particular use is ACCESS of all the files.

As for lifting the puter, no problem, I don't need to.

As for networking stuff, no thanks, I've had enough of networks slowing things down and I DO have a network. I have an unRaid server that holds
15 drives so I'm just going to try to sell these (NOT the server) and get something new.

Yep, beers make you see some things in a new light :)

By the way, I have enough usb ports right now. The mobo has ten and I have a few in the front. Plenty as I've cut down on the requirements including
the wireless print adapters and the dual keyboard setup so right there that's five usb ports saved.

I just actually bought a second monitor that came in today and I want to try a new monitor that just came out at 27" and 2560x1440 resolution (or whatever the exact numbers are).

I may even do a matrix switch for it all as I am going to have a separate computer at some point for a surveillance system.

Here's an example... ... t-1200.gif

4 inputs and 2 outputs. I could get 4 outputs but that doubles or triples the price of the switch so I just limit myself to be able to display the most
important things on monitor B.

D is my main computer, T is the server (for tower) and s is the surveillance computer

Re: Mobo advice

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 9:19 am
by vbironchef
Don't know what else to say to help you out. Good Luck! :)

Re: Mobo advice

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 9:32 pm
by guiri
We're good, thanks.

Let's see what the future brings :)

Re: Mobo advice

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 7:38 pm
by najiro
guiri wrote:That's one of the two processors my puter guy recommended depending on which mobo I wanted to go with
and here's the other one ... 6819116501
you guys still there?
Yeah I was wondering why you would go to the highest-end kind of build which is an LGA 2011 machine. SO you don't do gaming but do graphics stuff and rendering? Am I correct?
Second, what's your budget? that LGA 2011 build suggestion is kinda overkill if you ask me depending on what kind of applications you run. If you can specify them, we can help you much better like if you do hardcore CAD or blender stuff or just basic photoshop and coreldraw stuff. :P An LGA 1155 ivy bridge build could be the best.