Intel 660 Overclocked @ 4.51Ghz

Discussion about Intel CPUs and overclocking. Need help with that new Intel processor? Not sure which one is right for you? Like to void your warranty? This is the place for you! Please keep the topic on Intel Processors!
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Very nice O/C .
In sept of 2006 I sold my first Intel gamer in 2 years. O/C at 4.1 memory @ [email protected] 640 timing @ 3-2-2-8 witha P4 650 (3.4)
ATi X1800xl O/C Core 625 memory 600 .
PC power and cooling 510 watt PS
Corsair 1gig 5400UL memory @ 3-2-2-8 DDR2 640.
Koolance INEX 2 water cooling . Storm CPU water block. Maze 4 GPU water block/ Lian Li V1000 case. Abit AW8-Max M/B

Idel temps 20-22 cpu 22-24 gpu
Load 30-32 cpu 32-36 gpu

I sell this machine with the above O/C as stock with a 5 year warranty on Parts except Water cooling and the DL dvd that have manufactors warranty.

These are the clocks for the Intel cpu's I sell
650 @ 4.1 GHz
660 @ 4.3 GHz
670 @ 4.5 Ghz.
Needless to say these are very fast PC's But what pleases me the most is the Temps very cool. ( ambient temps change these a bit not much)

Since I sold that machine I have sold 12 more and waiting on parts for 2 more that I have to setup as Santa. (Xmas eve)

But the thing that really has me excited is the new Intel 975x chipsets and the new Presler 65 n CPU's I am hoping I can sell stable 5.0GHZ gamers. (3.8GHz)
I have 3 of these on backorder with deposits and Am looking forward to getting one of these monsters done.

Side note I will build myself A yonah using the best available M/B (Merom is suppose to have same socket will see) I am really hoping for a 3.4 Ghz O/C but will be pleased with 3.2GHz. 3.0GHz will be a disapointment however.

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