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Intel 1200BTS vs the SuperMicro X9SCM/X9SCL

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:05 pm
by masten12
Hi Experts,

After a lot of searching for the last 2 weeks, I decided to buy this one here.


Intel XEON E3-1230


Kingston 4 Gb RAM.
I will take 2 pieces of this.

Server Board:

Intel 1200BTS

But I'm in dilemma about the server board.

SuperMicro X9SCM-F-O


SuperMicro X9SCL-F-O

My Preference is to go with the SuperMicro Boards as they are having good reviews over the Intel 1200BTS. But Intel is good at making Server boards as well. And Mainly for Running VM Images, What is the best option for us?

I need to use this server to run VM Images mostly. I'm confused over the performance of the Intel 1200BTS MoBO to that of the SuperMicro X9SCL or X9SCM.

Do You have any idea on the 1200BTS or any Intel Server boards by any chance?