Intel Optane Memory H10 Review

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Intel Optane Memory H10 Review

Post by Apoptosis » Tue May 14, 2019 1:33 pm

Last month Intel introduced a new M.2 2280 ‘gum stick’ drive called the Optane Memory H10 that combines Intel Optane (3D Xpoint) memory and Intel QLC 3D NAND Flash memory on one drive. This is super exciting as it is the first time memory and storage technologies have been combined on a single M.2 drive that works with both desktop and mobile PCs.


Article Title: Intel Optane Memory H10 Review
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Re: Intel Optane Memory H10 Review

Post by KnightRid » Wed May 15, 2019 3:29 am

Got my geek juices flowing this morning.

Sounded better in my head.

If this can hit the DIY market and keep the cost from becoming absurd, this would be an awesome addition. I wonder if you could use multiple drives.....maybe to have multi-boot options with each having their own memory and drive.... If only Apple wouldn't be such asshats and release MacOS for everyone to buy and use rather than a limited number of hardware options then you could have windows, linux and macos all on a tiny ultrabook or such and never have to worry about multiple partitions on one drive to try and have them all or running virtual instances of them.
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