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Post by Apoptosis » Tue Feb 08, 2005 3:10 pm

AOpen 1558J Offers Unparalleled Set of Features and Flexibility Within Latest Intel Centrino Mobile Platform
SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 8, 2005 - AOpen(R) Inc., an award-winning, global leader in PC component and barebones systems design and manufacturing, today announced the immediate availability of the AOpen 1558J, the first barebones notebook based on the latest generation of Intel's Centrino mobile platform, Sonoma. Sonoma mobile technology is designed to make laptop computers all-in-one mobile devices for gaming, home theater, digital music, and business computing. The new Sonoma-based AOpen 1558J will deliver faster processing speeds, better battery life, enhanced multimedia and improved Wi-Fi security.

Power performance combined with flexibility of customization, advanced ergonomics, elegant design, and a long battery run-down time make the AOpen 1558J another hit with resellers wishing to cater to the needs of their power-user customers.

"AOpen is proud to bring to market new technologies that open up some very exciting value-add opportunities for the channel, said Andy Pan, product manager of the notebook division of AOpen America. "We are excited and confident the market will find the 1558J a worthy mobile computing solution for the needs of business, education and government organizations."

The AOpen 1558J Sonoma-based notebook is built around Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processors with 533 MHz front side bus, integrated Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200 BG Network Connection (802.11(b) b/g wireless LAN) and the new Mobile Intel(R) 915 Express Chipset (formerly codenamed Alviso). This combination of features enables the 1558J to deliver better performance with improved wireless and mobile security options.

Equipped with a 15-inch XGA display and 1024X768 resolution, the 1558J also supports an integrated CD-RW/DVD-ROM optical disc drive, 40GB or higher hard drive, and 256MB memory (expandable to 2GB) and a 5.4 hours of battery life.


The AOpen 1558J is available through AOpen Authorized Resellers throughout North America starting at $600.00.

About AOpen
AOpen is a publicly listed company under the Wistron Group. Besides developing micro bare bone systems, portable computers, standard systems, motherboards, imaging products, multimedia cards and monitors, it has recently established a Strategic Product Division to strengthen it products in the market, and integrate its combined resources to actively expand AOpen's market share around the globe, including that in Taiwan, China, Japan, Asia, the Americas and Europe. With a strong R&D background, ample production experience within the Wistron Group, and combining AOpen's marketing and assembling advantages, AOpen is aggressively expanding in the Chinese market, offering local services, and providing a 3C parts and components solution for small and medium sized businesses.

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