Current 890FX Mobo supports socket AM3+ ?!

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Current 890FX Mobo supports socket AM3+ ?!

Post by lordvic » Fri Mar 04, 2011 3:20 am

I was browsing around the web on any information about socket AM3+ and I stumbled across a thread discussion. People stated that a MSi motherboard -the MSi MSI 890FXA-GD65 to be exact- supports the new AM3+ CPUs. Of course, it will not be using the new SB and NB chips found on the 9xx motherboards.

I didn't belive this at first, until I checked it you myself. After I saw it, I basically went: :shock: -> :ohsnap: -> and my mind just blew.

A user from XtremeSystems
So I asked to speak to a senior tech support agent and this is what I asked him " I recently purchased the MSI 890FXA-GD65 AM3 AMD and under the chip set it says AM3+ CPU Support so does this mean it will support the upcoming Bulldozer CPU?"

Senior techs response " Sir we will release a new BIOS update when the new Bulldozer CPU is released for this motherboard"

my response " So this mobo is Bulldozer ready?" Techs response "Yes , once you update the new BIOS it will support the new AMD Bulldozer"

my response " So the AM3+ on this mobo means its Bulldozer ready?"

techs response "Yes sir that's what the AM3+ means"
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Just for the heck of it, I called 626-581-1551, and spoke with a [MSi] tech about the AM3+, and if it is a misprint or not and the person on the line put me on hold for 10 mins or so, and came back and said, "Sir, it is no mistake".
To go NewEgg and Zoom in onto the CPU socket. In between the NB "MSi" cooler and the CPU socket, you'll CLEARLY see the text, "AM3+ CPU support" ... 6813130565

Even the pictures of the Mobo on MSi's site have the same text on it.

I'm not sure if this board will actually support AM3+ via BIOS update, or this is the board they will use..and simply do some minor changes (swap out the socket, etc.). I just know that this board was released into the market much later.
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