(UPDATE!!) EMT64 on monday!

You can find all the latest computer hardware press releases in here.
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(UPDATE!!) EMT64 on monday!

Post by infinitevalence » Sat Jun 26, 2004 12:43 pm

http://news.com.com/Intel%27s+Opteron+c ... g=nefd.top

According to news.com Intel is going to push the new Xenon out the door on monday with EMT64 (extended memory tech). This CPU is supposed to be a direct competetor to AMD's Opteron cpu.
Nocona, the code name of a Xeon chip from Intel, can run both 32-bit software, the kind found on most PCs today, and 64-bit software such as complex databases. The chip is expected to debut at 3.6GHz and lower speeds and come with an 800MHz system bus, according to Kevin Krewell, editor in chief of the Microprocessor Report. Intel will also release complementary chipsets.
Intel wrote:SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 28, 2004 - Intel Corporation today announced availability of a new Intel® Xeon™ processor-based platform and a host of new products and technologies for its Intel Xeon processor family that significantly boost performance, memory and graphics capabilities for workstation platforms.

hrough a stable of technologies such as DDR2 memory, PCI Express2, a faster 800MHz system bus, Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology and more, new platforms based on the Intel Xeon processor family enjoy faster memory support, improved graphics performance, extended memory addressability and improved power management. At the heart of the new platform is an advanced Intel Xeon processor, built on Intel's industry-leading 90-nanometer manufacturing process, which continues to take advantage of Intel Hyper-Threading technology, and a new chipset optimized for workstation platforms.
http://www.intel.com/pressroom/archive/ ... 28comp.htm
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